Reprints from the LCD Group provide an exclusive and distinctive way to promote your brand using the name brand recognition and authority of the Hedge Fund LCD.

  • Authorized: Reprints carry the prestige, authority and quality of the original publication. Conversely, presentation of content from the Hedge Fund LCD without authorization via a reprint is strictly forbidden.
  • Credibility: Reprints present your content via a 3rd-party, respected source for news and information.
  • Flexibility: Options include online, PDF and printable reprints.
  • Pricing: Reprint options are available at nearly every budget and use level.

Reprints can be used for:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Conference Hand-Outs
  • Website Display
  • Building Brand Awareness

For additional information regarding reprints, contact:

Robert Cavallito; 646.673.8449;