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September 22, 2017

Keys to Managing a Global Compliance Program, From Staffing to Culture

Countless obstacles can present themselves when managing a global compliance program, including when interfacing with multiple regulators across jurisdictions, observing diverse registration and filing requirements and allocating resources across regions, among other complex matters. A firm does not need to have a large global reach before its compliance team faces many of the same labyrinthine legal and regulatory issues that their larger peers face. Simply having investors or participating in Read More »

September 8, 2017

Key Aspects of A Fund Wind Down, From Communication Strategies to Liquidation

So far, the year 2017 has shown signs of an overall stabilization of the hedge fund industry: inflows have topped outflows on a relatively consistent basis, and various hedge fund indexes have demonstrated positive monthly returns. Despite these favorable indicators, fund wind-downs continue in numbers well above long-term averages. In order to avoid, or at least minimize, unintended externalities during a process already fraught with potential landmines, a hedge fund manager winding down a fund Read More »

July 28, 2017

Business Continuity Plans: Regulatory Expectations and Key Elements for Hedge Fund Managers

Developing a business continuity plan is already required of registered investment advisers under Section 206(4)7 of the Advisers Act, the Compliance Rule, but the Securities and Exchange Commission is elevating its scrutiny of firms’ resilience and recovery strategies following its June 2016 proposal of a new rule explicitly requiring that registered investment advisers adopt and implement written business continuity plans amid heightened risks of terrorist and cybersecurity attacks and seve Read More »

July 14, 2017

Setting up Shop in Dubai: Fund Structures, Distribution and Regulations

The hedge fund market may have reached maturation in more traditional economic centers, like the U.S., the UK and Europe, but pockets of potential exist in markets experiencing a confluence of factors that make them ripe for growth, including low asset management penetration, a large number of wealthy prospects and a regulatory regime that encourages both investors and investment managers to confidently participate in the market. Dubai represents one such pocket. The Dubai International Financia Read More »

Morgan Lewis Annual Hedge Fund Seminar Highlights Current Trends in Trading and Investment Practices and Research Methods

Activist investing has grown considerably over the past few years as the strategy has been embraced, gradually at first, and then with more verve, by diverse asset managers and institutional investors, but by hedge fund managers in particular. In a report published in late 2016, a full 84% of activist funds surveyed expected the level of hedge fund activism to increase. During Morgan Lewis’ 10th annual “Advanced Topics in Hedge Fund Practices Conference: Manager and Investor Perspectives, Read More »

June 30, 2017

Hedge Fund Managers Using “Big Data” Must Thoroughly Understand Regulations and Best Practices

Hedge fund managers seeking to mine and harness the seemingly infinite amount of information the internet and technology can capture about companies, products, consumer spending habits and other trends have increasingly turned to “big data”—a buzz term that denotes the voluminous trove of structured and unstructured data sets generated by our ever-expanding digital footprints. To facilitate managers’ use of “big data,” service providers have entered the space to analyze information w Read More »

SEC Outreach Program Briefs Advisers on Updates to Agency Priorities and Hot Topics

The Securities and Exchange Commission often acknowledges the challenging role compliance professionals at registered investment advisers play on the regulatory stage, and has said that CCOs, in particular, represent a “primary player in the safety, stability and integrity of the industry.” Although CCOs can seem a bit part in the overall business of a private fund—Commission officials noted facetiously that compliance is rarely a profit center for firms—the agency has stated that when i Read More »

Morgan Lewis Annual Hedge Fund Seminar Highlights Current Trends in Direct Lending and Fund Terms

Despite several months of largely positive returns, in May, Preqin reported that its All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark returned 0.26%, an indisputably lackluster performance that underscores why hedge fund managers must keep evolving in the current environment to continue attracting investor allocations. With this in mind, managers have had to adjust the terms of the funds they offer—lowering fees and increasing transparency and disclosures—and seek new sources of capital from seed investo Read More »

June 16, 2017

Managing Performance Portability Challenges Following Mergers and Acquisitions

The nitty gritty of carrying over, or porting, a track record from one firm to another can get lost in the chaos that frequently accompanies mergers and acquisitions in the asset management space in general, and the hedge fund space in particular. Integrating operations and personnel, and identifying legal issues unique to a new, combined entity can take center stage, but more often than not, the deal’s raison d’être is to realize synergies anticipated from, among other things, marketing ne Read More »

June 2, 2017

Pepper Hamilton Seminar Addresses Licensing Requirements, Fund Structures and Other Considerations for Hedge Fund Capital Raising

The ability to successfully raise capital is an important harbinger of a hedge fund manager’s long-term success and requires managers to make several prefatory determinations, including the development of an overall marketing strategy that determines whether the marketing function will be performed in-house or outsourced to a placement agent or third-party marketer. This consideration can be particularly consequential, because managers who engage or employ external or internal marketers who ot Read More »