About Us

The hedge fund legal, regulatory and compliance environment remains complex and evolving, with no sign of relief. The content available to assist in navigating the increasing thicket of laws and regulations has grown as well, but the value that content overwhelming provides has not kept up, leaving hedge fund legal and compliance professionals with more information to navigate, but less substantive results to satisfy their informational needs at a palatable price.

The Hedge Fund LCD addresses this gulf by providing rich, proprietary analysis and insight, along with aggregated news summaries from across the hedge fund space, to ensure you have all the information you need to more efficiently and effectively do your job. And most importantly, we provide this information at a reasonable subscription rate.

If you are tasked with staying on top of the latest developments with regards to hedge fund law, regulation and compliance, and you are bound by budgets, then the Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest is a must-have resource for you and your organization.